About the Job Creation Network

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The Job Creation Network uses a collaborative business model to help generate jobs and improve our local and regional economies.   With hard work and grassroots talent we will help create 365 new entrepreneurial ventures in one year. 

Collaborative Business Model:

Our goal is not only to have a few successful businesses, but to create a collaborative entrepreneurial network that feeds off itself to uplift many if not all the businesses simultaneously.  This is how it work.

Lets say one business get a $100,000 capital investment to get started.  They can use some of that money to pay for employees and create jobs, but much of that money will be needed to buy services and products.  We create incentives and agreements to ensure that when one of the businesses in the network succeed or get capital investment funds, that they first look to other businesses and organizations within the Jobs Creation Network for their services and products they are going to buy. 

Lets say this business is going to make a video to showcase their project, they could pay a new film maker and musician that is within the network, instead of going to an already existing business that has been around for decades.  So in that way even if one business moves towards success, they can bring others with it.