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Sponsorship Levels:

We have decided to make Dinosaurs our sponsorship levels, from smallest to the biggest dinosaurs.  Everyone loves Dinosaurs!!!

The JCN will be producing a plethora of media and outreach materials for our 1,000s soon to be 10,000s of people within our network.  Through sponsorship your company will be positively associated with creating jobs and supporting the economy through many media types including online social media.  We will be printing 1000s of banners, flyers, posters, brochures, newsletters etc for tabling at a multitude of events.  In addition we will be sending out press releases and advertising on traditional media sources that we can associate your organization or business with.  In every regard, sponsorship with the JCN is a WIN-WIN!

Level 1 : Epidexipteryx


At just 35cm, the Epidexipteryx is the smallest recently discovered non-avian dinosaur. 

Sponsor Benefits: Org/Business Name listed on Sponsors Webpage, with link.

Level 2 : Compsognathus


The smallest traditional looking dinosaur, the Compsognathus is also the closest supposed relative of the early bird Archaeopteryx.

Sponsor Benefits: Listed in Newsletter, logo for sponsorship website with link.

Level 3 : Triceratops


One of the most recognizable of all the dinosaurs, Triceratops shared the landscape with and was preyed upon by the fearsome Tyrannosaurus.

Sponsor Benefits: Listed on Flyers, Posters, and Banners, plus levels 2.

Level 4 : Stegosaurus


At only 4m high and 10m long, the Stegosaurus had necessary armor dew to the bigger predators it cohabited, such as the fearsome Allosaurus and the Ceratosaurus.

Sponsor Benefits: Listed on Brochures, Large Print on Banners & print materials. Plus levels 2 & 3.

Level 5 : Tyrannosaurus


A fixture in popular culture, Tyrannosaurus lived throughout western North America, and was among the last non-avian dinosaurs before the mass extinction. 

Sponsor Benefits: Listed on Post-Cards, Small Logo on Banners and Printed Materials. Plus Levels 2-4.

Level 6 : Giganotosaurus


Although slightly larger than Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus had a brain half the size, but its teeth were adapted better for slicing flesh.

Sponsor Benefits: Listed on T-Shirts! Medium Logo on Banner and Printed Materials. Plus Levels 2-5.

Level 7 : Spinosaurus


The largest known carnivore ever to exist on Earth, Giganotosaurus ate fish and spent some of its life in the water like a crocodile.

Sponsor Benefits: Listed on Stickers, Emails, and our Zines, Logo on T-Shirts, Big Logo on Banner and all Printed Materials. Plus Levels 2-6.

Level 8 : Apatosaurus


One of the largest land animals ever to exist, Apatosaurus, also known as Brontosaurus, had a 900 liter lung capacity, a 500 liter heart, and drank more than 69 gallons of water per day.

Sponsor Benefits: Get Mentioned in Press Releases and in Magazine Print Ads. Get listed on all websites, and small logo on stickers. Plus Levels 2-7

Level 9 : Supersaurus


Reaching up to 34 meters (112 ft.), the Supersaurus had the longest neck to body ratio and is a cousin of the Apatosaurus.

Sponsor Benefits: Get mentioned in Radio Commercials, and Logo Printed on Mugs, Canvas,and magnets.  Small Logo on all websites and press releases. Large logo on stickers.

Plus Levels 2-8.


Reaching up to 45 meters (147 ft.), the Argentinosaurus lived in South America, and is currently the largest skeletal dinosaur mount ever to have been assembled.

Sponsor Benefits: Mentioned in Local TV Commercials, Logo on Cars, Pens.  Medium Logo on all websites and press releases.  Individual Banner just for our Top Sponsor(s) at all events.

Plus Levels 2-9.

Level 10 : Argentinosaurus